We can help your team design the perfect process tailored to the workflow of your laboratory. The TipNovus Cart is the perfect full setup operational setup.

2x TipNovusMini and 1x TipLumis Cart Configuration: Processes 14 Tip Racks Per hour and Stored up to 45 Tip Racks

The TipNovus™ Cart is used to create an independent and mobile station for the TipNovus™ systems. With a wash throughput of 12-40 racks/hr, and the capacity to store up to 45 clean racks for re-use, the custom tip washing stations are an ideal addition to your laboratory for unsurpassed cost savings.

TipNovus TipLumis Cart Configuration: Processes 20 Tip Racks per hour and stores up to 45 Tip racks
2x TipLumis Cart Configuration: Stores up to 90 tip racks in a HEPA filtered environment
2x TipNovus Cart Configuration: Process 40 Tip Racks per hour

Comprehensive Innovation

Our patented process and products are designed to work together as a comprehensive sustainability model. Additionally implementing a single product has been proven to deliver waste reduction and drive profitability. Our team can advise on a customized implementation strategy.

Every product we develop must meet two criteria: complete sustainability & provide a profitable impact on operations. HOW GRENOVA SOLUTIONS Reduce Pipette Tip Consumable Cost & Waste in Your Lab.