The Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package by Grenova is a fully integrated, turnkey tip washing solution designed to improve lab operations, speed, and impact while reducing waste.

Grenova’s automated solution is turnkey and easy to get started. Designed for labs of all sizes and types. Compatible with most liquid handling pipette tips out-of-the-box.

Tested and Implemented Successfully in Labs Around the World

Fully-Automated Tip Washing Solution, Powered by the TipNovus

Available for Sale and Implementation Immediately, with Easy Setup

Immediate Impact:

  • Labs leveraging Grenova’s automated TipNovus package are able to create supply chain resilience and protection against uncertainty during global pipette tip shortages
  • Reduce recurring cost of single-use pipette tips
  • Reduce plastic, bio-hazardous waste generated by your lab
  • Reduce the logistical constraints needed to implement tip washing
  • Labor hours needed to wash tips