solving the Global Pipette Tip Shortage

High Throughput Automated Pipette Tip Washers for Supply Chain Management 

Pipette tip manufacturers cannot keep up with demand

The costs of pipette tips have increased by 25-30% in the past 12 months

Shipping costs and logistics charges have increased by 50% in the last 12 months

Labs around the world are reporting tip shortages

Approximately 8.9 liters of water are consumed in the production of a single rack of pipette tips

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to Avoid Supply Shortages Today

Why risk supply chain disruptions, soaring costs, and uncertainty?

The supplies that keep your lab operational are critical to the science you deliver to the world.

Wash and reuse plastic consumables with Grenova’s award-winning green technology to protect your most critical resources while protecting our planet. Our sustainability experts are standing by to help you begin washing and reusing your Beckman, Agilent, Hamilton, and Tecan tips! Protect your critical supplies to avoid shortages and rising costs.