Research Demonstrates Green Return On Investment

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Third party researchers studying the impact of Grenova technology in the lab industry recently studied and calculated a “Green ROI” that labs can expect when implementing the Tipnovus in their workflow. To determine the impact of Grenova’s technologyresearchers determined that all of the manufactured parts that make up the Tipnovus contribute 612 lbs. (277 kg) of Co2 to the atmosphere. Researchers then assumed that a lab technician would run the machine for 2 hours, 5 days a week, at full capacity (4 racks) and came to the conclusion that after a little more than 3 days, a lab will “breakeven” from a Co2 perspective. This calculation compares the purchase of a Grenova appliance and washing pipette tips to simply disposing and buying new tips. 

Researchers have concluded that both the TipNovus and TipNovusMini each decrease a labs carbon footprint by 93-95% every 10-minute wash cycle with pipette tips made of polypropylene. When factoring in Co2 output from manufactured parts, the Tipnovus provides a lab the opportunity to “breakeven” when determining Green ROI. This proven efficiency will provide labs with the tools necessary to become carbon-neutral in the future. Alabs use more pipette tipsGrenova is currently manufacturing more equipment to wash, dry, and reuse plastic consumables. Through their work to reduce the carbon footprint of laboratory consumables, Grenova is making the world greener one pipette tip rack at a time. 

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