The Purus microwell plate cleaner is a new technology designed to bring sustainable practices into the lab, mitigate supply-chain constraints and reduce costs associated with single use plastics.
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Purcs Technology 
Purus by Grenova leverages proprietary PURCS (Pressure wash, UV treatment, Rotary agitation, Centrifugation and Sonication).
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SBS Compatible
Compatible with lab consumables that conform to SBS plate format
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No High Temperatures or Corrosive Chemicals
The Purus system avoids high temperatures and corrosive chemicals, so that microwell plates are not compromised through repetitive reuse cycles.
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Automation Compatible
Purus is designed to work as a stand alone instrument or integrated with automated plate handlers.
The Purus removes chemical and biological contaminants from 96 well plates so that they can be reused.
Easy to Implement in Your Lab 
  1. Simply insert your microwell plates of all types in Purus by Grenova
  2. Select the clean cycle
  3. Retrieve your microwell plates without carryover
  4. Reuse your clean microwell plates in your lab
  5. Repeat this process, again and again, to reduce waste and save money
DESCRIPTIONAutomated, bench tip, microwell plate cleaning system
INPUT4 plates per cycle
Any plate with SBS footprint
Up to 50 mm tall (standard and deep well plates)
96 well format or less
DIMENSIONS28.5" D (725 MM) X 21" W (535 MM) X 28.5" H (719 MM)
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 12 Amps
Environment temperature range: 15 degrees C - 35 degrees C
Environment humidity: Less than or equal to 50%
Air pressure (min): Greater than or equal to 100 PSI (0.5MPa)
Maximum reagents: 4
UV Wavelength (UVC): 254nm
Tank size: 15 gal (38 L)
Free air displacement at max pressure: Greater than 2.2 CFM @ 90 PSI
Tank pressure: 120 PSI
Output pressure: Greater than or equal to 75 PSI
Additional considerations: In line Filter, Shut off Valve and Regulator, DI water input
THROUGHPUTStandard wash place: Estimated 12-20 plates per hour
Rinse only: Estimated 16-24 plates per hour
VOLTAGE110/220V availability