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Precision Point Diagnostics: A Relentless Innovator of Sustainable Testing Solutions

Precision Point Diagnostics, an innovator of testing solutions that assist in the diagnosis and management of conditions commonly addressed by Functional Medicine, is demonstrating a commitment to practicing responsible science by washing and reusing plastic consumables that are critical to its testing process. A relentless innovator of testing solutions in the functional laboratory field, Precision Point Diagnostics offers unique profiles that are designed to help practitioners address comprehensive approaches to patient care. 

Precision Point Diagnostics proactively seeks ways to deliver a targeted approach to wellness in the most sustainable way possible.

Charmisa Johnson, lab manager at Precision Point Diagnostics, along with the entire team at Precision Point, is proactively seeking ways to deliver their targeted approach to wellness while fulfilling their mission in the most sustainable way possible. By partnering with Grenova to implement green technology in their lab, Precision Point is washing and reusing their once single-use plastic pipette tips as a proven strategy to reduce environmental waste while boosting productivity and their lab’s ability to point physicians in a precise direction to patient care. As a result, Precision Point joins a growing number of Grenova partners who have reduced over 2,650,848 pounds of biohazard plastic waste by using innovative new technology.


Precision has long been known for its focus on strong partnerships with physicians to identify appropriate treatments with the goal of optimum wellness without unwanted side effects. Precision says that a “targeted approach” recognizes the many interconnected systems in the body and treatments are designed with consideration of this complexity. The Precision team points out that processes may be silent until the pathology arrives, making the measurement of parameters involved in the process key to uncovering the roots of illness. Precisions offers a range of diagnostic testing of the GI tract, Immune System, Hormones, Toxins, Nutritional Markers, Inflammation, and more to help physicians develop a customized treatment plan. 

Similar to Precision Point’s targeted framework for treating the whole person, the lab itself also carries a holistic philosophy to the other aspects of its mission critical work. By approaching everything with an innovator’s mindset, Precision Point always seeks new approaches, new methodologies, and new solutions in a rapidly changing industry. As an organization, this mindset is part of Precision Point’s culture ­– one that values finding new ways of doing things better, both inside and outside of the lab. 

It's time for every lab to take a closer look at single-use plastics to determine when consumables can be reused.

Today, a wide range of pipette tip washing systems by Grenova, an award-winning manufacturer of green technology for the life sciences industry, is making laboratories around the world sustainable, resilient, cost-effective, and highly efficient. By integrating Grenova’s automated washing systems into its lab, Precision Point Diagnostics washes single-use pipette tips and turns them into multi-use lab assets without impacting accuracy of results, equipment, or operations. Like many labs now washing pipette tips, Precision Point is demonstrating that a plastic pipette tip that has been washed using Grenova technology performs just as well – or better – than a brand-new plastic pipette tip. In fact, NIH, NCI and CDC have all validated the use of pipette tips that have been washed and reused without jeopardizing equipment or precision of results.


“The largest labs in the world rely upon pipette tips that have been washed and reused multiple times without impacting accuracy of liquid handling systems, advanced automations, or manual pipetting,” explains Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova

Prior to creating Grenova, Safavi, who worked in the laboratory consumables market for years, took note of the sheer amount of plastic waste accumulating around him each day. He quickly saw that pipette tips, which he previously considered small and easily dispensable, were to blame for a sizable portion of the laboratory plastic waste created. “At the time, there was no way to reuse pipette tips, and recycling these products was often costly. Plastic consumables were previously being discarded after a single use, and I saw that there was no way that the industry could sustain itself forever. That’s why Grenova was formed. Today, we are proud to partner with smart and proactive labs like Precision Point Diagnostics to make the entire life sciences industry environmentally friendly, efficient, and productive. Because when that happens, critically important labs like Precision Point Diagnostics can better impact the lives of patients while creating healthy and resilient communities for all.” 


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