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Plastic Pipette Tips: Over 62 Million Washed and Reused

Since 2015, Grenova’s pipette tip re-use systems have enabled laboratories across America to prevent 170K pounds of recyclable plastic from entering the environment and redistribute associated costs in the amount of over $4.3 million. If 62 million reused tips can contribute to that kind of savings, imagine if every laboratory took advantage of Grenova’s patented technology.

In addition to substantial savings, pipette tips can be thought of as the plastic straw of the science industry. It is widely known that it can take hundreds of years for plastic to degrade once it enters the waste stream. Yet, every day, laboratories around the world discard several thousand plastic pipette tips used to process clinical, pharmaceutical, genetic, agricultural, food, and animal samples. Although an integral part of modern day testing, these same tips are rapidly accumulating in our landfills, generating a hazardous and sometimes fatal environment for all living things.

Composed of polypropylene, a highly recyclable plastic, pipette tips can now be reused multiple times with the integration of Grenova tip reuse technology in laboratory workflows. On average, a single tip can be washed and reused between 10-25 times.

Considering roughly 30 percent of a consumables budget is allocated to pipette tips alone, re-use allows for up to a 96 percent reduction in annual spend. Grenova’s technology makes this a reality.

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