If we do not act now, the rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 samples will undoubtedly force a pipette tip shortage.

It is essential that the healthcare and life sciences community implement smart inventory control by washing and reusing plastic consumables that are used to perform life-saving COVID-19 testing.

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Running low on pipette tips

Labs use a total of six plastic pipette tips for every COVID-19 test per RNA Viral extraction. An additional four tips are used in the PCR setup process, totaling 10 pipette tips.

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Increased biohazard waste

In addition to a pending shortage of plastic pipette tips, the current rate of usage has resulted in an increase in biohazard waste due to the spike in single use plastic consumables.

Since 2014, Grenova has provided the lab industry with the only patented and scientifically proven green technology capable of washing and reusing pipette tips in large quantities. Over 100,000,000 pipette tips have been washed and reused by Grenova, proving the safety and effectiveness of the only reuse technology available today. Grenova’s tip washers were developed and have been tested in CLIA- and CAP-approved labs on multiple assays without carryover. In addition, they are implemented in the NIH, NCI and CDC.

Labs preparing for the continued influx of testing ahead have demonstrated the following results:

  • Washing and reusing pipette tips with Grenova’s solution has dramatically reduced plastic pipette tip consumption by 90%, resulting in a significant cost savings while dramatically cutting plastic waste impacting the environment.
  • Labs implementing a sustainable plan to safely wash and reuse pipette tips are controlling their most important inventory and maximizing their spending on consumables that allow for the increased ability to run COVID-19 tests.

Using the Grenova TipNovus and TipLumis for the Reuse of Pipette Tips for COVID-19 Testing

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Grenova’s green technology is ready to solve the pending shortage and bottleneck for COVID-19 testing.