Grenova’s Chief Commercial Officer to Present at Green Laboratory Work Conference

Jeff Hrush, Chief Commercial Officer at Grenova, will deliver a special presentation at this year’s virtual Green Laboratory Work Conference. Jeff will present “HOW PIPETTE TIP WASHERS ARE CREATING A GREEN FUTURE” on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 4 PM. The highly anticipated presentation will spotlight how new technology is empowering labs around the world to wash and reuse plastic consumables in large quantities to reduce lab waste in the life sciences industry.  

reduce plastic waste

“It’s an exciting period of time in the industry when laboratories are rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing the way plastic consumables like pipette tips are washed and reused,” explains Jeff. “It’s clear that pipette tips used to run critical, and often life-saving, diagnostic tests no longer need to be discarded into biohazard bins after a single use. Thanks to Grenova, there’s now a better option. Everyone in the life sciences community can now reduce plastic waste, cut costs, and control their inventory by washing and reusing plastic consumables.”

On May 15th, Jeff will describe the dramatic increase in demand for automated, high-throughput pipette tip and microwell plate washers as part of the Green Laboratory Week 2022 Conference. Jeff, a celebrated industry leader with 20 years of experience in laboratory automation, will also demonstrate how high-throughput, automated green technology at Grenova has made it possible to reduce plastic waste, improve operations, and control the pipette tip supply chain by washing and reusing over one billion pipette tips in labs around the world.

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