We created devices that enable labs to wash & reuse contaminated pipette tips in large quantities.

Grenova is an innovative, values-driven organization

Grenova provides the life sciences industry with the only patented and scientifically proven green technology capable of washing and reusing plastic consumables to make labs sustainable, efficient, and resilient to supply chain disruptions. 

Over 100,000,000 pipette tips have been washed and reused by Grenova’s automated, high-throughput product line proving the safety and effectiveness of the only reuse technology available today. Grenova’s pipette tip washers and microwell plate washers were developed and have been tested in CLIA- and CAP-approved labs on multiple assays without carryover. In addition, they are implemented in the NIH, NCI and CDC.

Grenova envisions a world where every laboratory is 100% sustainable and waste-free.

Comprehensive Innovation

Our patented process and products are designed to work together as a comprehensive sustainability model. Additionally implementing a single product has been proven to deliver waste reduction and drive profitability. Our team can advise on a customized implementation strategy.

Every product we develop must meet two criteria: complete sustainability & provide a profitable impact on operations. Learn how Grenova Solutions can reduce Pipette Tip Consumable Cost & Waste in Your Lab.

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Grenova Reuse Process:
Data generated using washed tips from the pipette tip washer is of the same quality as data generated using fresh sterile tips directly from the manufacturer” and “implementation of tip washer allows for reduction of material waste while still producing highest quality analysis.


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Standard Process Waste:
We strive to change the industry attitude about consumables by educating labs on sustainable, profitable solutions. Single-use processes cannabalize profit and have long term, negative impact on our environment.standard process waste.

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Pipette Tip Compatibility:
Hamilton, Tecan, Beckman, Rainin, Integra, Janus, VWR, Eppendorf, Biomek, Bravo, Axygen, Caliper, TomTec, Beckman Coulter, Neptune, PerkinElmer, BioExcell, and any other 24, 48, 96, or 384 format tips Pipette Tip Compatibility

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Wash, Sterilize and Dry for Reuse:
Grenova Solutions allow for washing, reuse & recycling as a long term solution for advancing the technical capabilities of our customers. We stand behind our products and relentlessly develop solutions to improve the category of laboratory science.

Our Values


We are passionate and enthusiastic about our work to reduce environmental pollution.


We stand behind our products and solutions and continuously seek to improve.


We strive to change the Life Science and healthcare industry attitude in regards to consumables.


We create synergy with our customers.


Customers are always the top priority