Grenova Wins Technology Project of the Year

The Richmond Technology Council (RVATECH), central Virginia’s catalyst for technology, has named Grenova as the Technology Project of the Year for its efforts to dramatically lower costs in the laboratory industry while reducing the biohazard waste in the environment. The prestigious award was announced at the 24th Annual Technology Awards Gala, a celebration of over 700 business leaders, hosted at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. An independent panel of judges selected award winners in a variety of categories representing the breakthroughs, advancements, and outstanding technologists in the region.

“This year’s winners all represent the most disruptive nominees in each category,” said Nick Serfass, Executive Director of the Richmond Technology Council, which represents over 26,000 practitioners and nearly 300 businesses in the greater Richmond region. “They are companies, projects, or individuals that are moving our society forward, and tonight we recognized them, celebrated them, and learned from them. We are better, Richmond is better, and our world is better because of them.”

Grenova was selected as the winner of the Technology Project of the Year award for its ground-breaking approach to dealing with plastic consumables in the lab environment. Grenova’s patented technology has successfully washed 78, 261,120 used pipettes for reuse, helping labs save a total of $6,357,504 in costs and reduce 224,656 lbs. of plastic waste.

For more information about RVATECH, a member-driven association of businesses and organizations working together to grow Central Virginia’s technology-based economy, visit

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