Grenova Launches Microwell Plate Cleaner

Grenova, an innovative manufacturer of green technology, has launched a new microwell plate cleaner called Purus by Grenova. The microwell plate cleaner technology brings sustainable practices into the lab, mitigates supply chain constraints and reduces costs. Purus removes chemical and biological contaminants from 96 well plates.

“Purus by Grenova is one more step forward for those in the life sciences community who are serious about eliminating needless plastic waste while cutting lab costs and improving supply chain resilience,” said Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova.

Labs of all sizes can use Purus by Grenova to clean microwell plates without carryover. Smart labs can reuse microwell plates again and again to further reduce plastic waste and save money.

Purus by Grenova™ leverages proprietary PURCS (Pressure Washed, UV, Rotation, Centrifugation, Sonication) technology. Clean up to four plates that conform to SBS plate format at a time. The SBS-compatible system avoids high temperatures and corrosive chemicals so microwell plates are never compromised through repetitive reuse cycles.

“Best of all, Purus by Grenova is automation-compatible and works as a stand-alone instrument or with automated plate handlers,” said Safavi. “We’re proud to add the new Purus system to our portfolio of innovative products that are transforming the life sciences industry and making it possible for labs to decrease waste, save money, and control the supply of their most important consumables.”

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