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Grenova Introduces Purus Microwell Plate Cleaner at SLAS 2023

Grenova, a manufacturer of innovative pipette tip washing platforms for the life sciences and healthcare industries, has added Purus to its green technology portfolio designed to reduce waste and cut costs for labs around the world. The addition of Purus, an automated microwell plate cleaning system, removes both chemical and biological contaminants – resulting in plates that can be used for new applications. The Purus technology will be available for demonstrations at the SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) International Conference and Exhibition in San Diego from Feb. 25 to March 1, 2023. 

“Labs can load up to four microwell plates, select the clean cycle, and retrieve their plates for reuse to reduce waste and save money," says Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova.


The new Purus technology available at SLAS for demonstrations will include key features to help labs save money, reduce waste, and boost their operations:



REDUCE PLATE COST BY 90%   — Purus is able to reduce plate consumable spending by over 90% effective immediately.



COMPATIBLE — Purus is compatible with the SLAS microplate standard.



GUARANTEED SAME RESULTS AS NEW PLATES — The Purus system avoids high temperatures and corrosive chemicals, so that microwell plates are not compromised through repetitive reuse cycles.




“At Grenova, we believe that smart labs leave nothing to waste,” said Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova. “Our new Purus systems are easy to implement into any lab’s workflow, making it possible to quickly and efficiently begin washing and reusing microwell plates. “Labs can load up to four microwell plates, select the clean cycle, and retrieve their plates for reuse to reduce waste and save money.” 
In addition to demonstrating the new technology, the Grenova team will showcase its green technology for washing and reusing plastic pipette tips at SLAS in San Diego as well. SLAS participants are encouraged to visit booth 437 to meet Grenova’s team of sustainability experts that will be demonstrating a range of award-winning products. To learn more about cost savings opportunities and waste reduction, SLAS participants may attend Ali Safavi’s presentation at SLAS, titled “Reduction of Plastic Waste Through the Use of Automated Pipette Tip Washing,” on Tuesday February 28, 2023, from 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM. 

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