Grenova Hires Jeff Hrush as Chief Commercial Officer as It Expands Its Reach Around the World to Reuse Plastic Waste and Reduce Cost in the Life Sciences Industry

Grenova announced today that it has hired Jeff Hrush as chief commercial officer as it expands operations to meet a dramatic increase in demand for automated, high-throughput pipette tip washers. Hrush, a celebrated industry leader with 20 years of experience in laboratory automation, will oversee the next phase of Grenova’s growth as it triples its footprint and moves its headquarters, hires up to 250 new full-time employees over the next three years, and introduces new technology capable of washing and reusing pipette tips in large quantities.

“I’m honored to join Grenova as chief commercial officer at an exciting period of time in the industry when laboratories are rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing the way plastic consumables like pipette tips are washed and reused,” said Hrush, who previously served as a Grenova board member. “It’s clear that pipette tips used to run critical, and often life-saving, diagnostic tests no longer need to be discarded into biohazard bins after a single use. Thanks to Grenova, there’s now a better option. Everyone in the life sciences community can now reduce plastic waste, cut costs, and control their inventory by washing and reusing plastic consumables.”

Prior to joining Grenova, Hrush led an impressive career in laboratory automation design, sales, support, and management. At Hamilton Company, Hrush held senior roles ranging from regional sales manager, director of area sales, director of sales in the Midwest and Southeast, and national sales manager. He has also served as a sales engineer and a product manager at Tecan. Hrush has received the Quest Diagnostics Supplier Excellence Award and Peak Performer Award by Hamilton Robotics. He holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Campbell University and has studied negotiation mastery, business administration, and management at Harvard Business School.

“To those in the life sciences community, Jeff Hrush defines excellence,” said Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova. “The entire Grenova family is proud to count Jeff as part of our growing team and will quickly leverage his deep industry knowledge to further expand the industry’s only solution capable of washing and reusing pipette tips without carryover as an effective way to reduce plastic waste, cut costs, and create supply chain resiliency.”

Today, Grenova’s tip washers are implemented in the largest domestic and international labs around the world and are relied upon by NIH, NCI, and CDC. Partner labs report a dramatic reduction in plastic pipette tip consumption by 90 percent, resulting in a significant cost savings while dramatically cutting plastic waste impacting the environment.

“Grenova products have washed over 900 million pipette tips, proving the safety and effectiveness of the only reuse technology available to the healthcare industry,” said Hrush. “Let’s make that 900 million more.”

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