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Grenova CEO to Present Ways to Reduce the Science Community’s Plastic Waste During LABVOLUTION in Hannover, Germany

Grenova_Founder_2Grenova’s founder and CEO, Ali Safavi, will present ways to reduce the science community’s plastic waste during LABVOLUTION, a flagship European trade show for innovative lab equipment. Hosted May 21-23, this year’s conference will focus on the theme of “The Integrated Lab,” signaling the show’s strong emphasis on connectivity. LABVOLUTION documents and showcases every facet of laboratory practice – including technology, infrastructure and analytics solutions for labs in all sectors (including the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, the life sciences, biotechnology, environmental technology, food technology, medicine and R&D). The highly anticipated event attracts a core constituency of lab leaders from northern, eastern and western Germany, the Benelux states, France, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland and parts of Eastern Europe.

Grenova’s European distributor, GC Biotech, will be exhibiting at the LABVOLUTION conference and will showcase how Grenova’s tip washing systems can optimize laboratory workflows. In addition to exhibiting, Ali Safavi will deliver a groundbreaking presentation that directly addresses ways to reduce laboratory waste through innovative devices. Ali will focus on the use of pipette tips as an integral part of modern day laboratories, providing easy liquid transfers. Despite their convenience, however, pipette tips are costly and although recyclable, they are often discarded into biohazard or other waste streams. Ali’s presentation will demonstrate how using a pipette tip washer can allow scientists to break the outdated and wasteful approach of discarding pipette tips by instead washing them for reuse with no carryover. In addition, he will share how washing pipette tips with Grenova tip washing systems can be done manually or automated through robotic integration. To date, Grenova has washed and reused over 78M tips in the lab industry. Ali’s presentation will describe how this approach has had a dramatic impact – including 225,000 pounds of plastic waste that has been avoided and a total cost savings of $6M+ for the labs working with Grenova.

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