Grenova Partners with European Distributor

Grenova Inc., a USA based company, announced today an agreement with GC biotech BV for the distribution of their TipNovus product lines. Under this new agreement GC biotech BV becomes the exclusive distribution partner of Grenova Inc. tip washing devices in the EU market.

Plastic Pipette Tips: Over 62 Million Washed and Reused

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Since 2015, Grenova’s pipette tip re-use systems have enabled laboratories across America to prevent 170K pounds of recyclable plastic from entering the environment and redistribute associated costs in the amount of over $4.3 million. If 62 million reused tips can contribute to that kind of savings, imagine if every laboratory took advantage of Grenova’s patented […]

TipNovusMini: Small Footprint – Big Impact

Grenova TipNovus-Mini

It goes without saying that a good portion of your laboratory costs is allotted to disposable consumables, namely plastic pipette tips and racks. Despite their small size, over time, these same tips take up a lot of space in our landfills.