Creating a Sustainable Lab Begins with Washing and Reusing Plastic Pipette Tips

There is no doubt that plastic makes life easier, but does it make life better? Sure, plastic is versatile and used almost everywhere. It can be flexible or rigid, and it can be molded into innumerable shapes, revolutionizing every aspect of the way the world works.  6 million tons of plastic waste produced by scientific […]

What is Causing Pipette Tip Shortages and How to Fix It?

Laboratories run on pipette tips. These throwaway pieces of plastic may appear simple, but they are crucial to keeping a lab operational. This fact is never more evident than when there is a shortage. Pipette tips are instrumental in performing critical lab tests – from lifesaving screenings to COVID tests to cancer research. Without them, […]

Life Sciences Executive, Wayne Shepherd, Joins Grenova as Global Vice President of Sales

New Global VP of Sales to Drive Expansion of Green Technology for Lab Consumables Grenova, the innovative manufacturer of green technology for lab consumables, announced today that Wayne Shepherd has been appointed Global Vice President of Sales. Shepherd joins Grenova during a period of explosive growth as the organization expands operations to meet a dramatic […]

Grenova’s Chief Commercial Officer to Present at Green Laboratory Work Conference

Jeff Hrush, Chief Commercial Officer at Grenova, will deliver a special presentation at this year’s virtual Green Laboratory Work Conference. Jeff will present “HOW PIPETTE TIP WASHERS ARE CREATING A GREEN FUTURE” on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 4 PM. The highly anticipated presentation will spotlight how new technology is empowering labs around the world […]

Grenova Welcomes New UK & Ireland Sales Manager

Meet Simon Taylor, our new UK & Ireland Sales Manager! Simon is an experienced professional with a background in sales, management, and marketing in the life sciences and diagnostic markets globally. He is experienced in business development, market positioning and product launches. Prior to joining Grenova, Simon served as a Channel Sales Manager at CleanNA, […]

Grenova Announces Growth Recapitalization and New Partnerships To Create More Sustainable Laboratory Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

Introducing Grenova 3.0! Our growth at Grenova has never been the result of a single individual, but rather the combined efforts of a dedicated team, long-lasting partnerships, and ongoing collaboration in pursuit of a common goal – to make labs sustainable, efficient, and resilient to supply chain disruptions. Today, we’re honored to announce that Grenova […]

Grenova Launches Microwell Plate Cleaner

Grenova, an innovative manufacturer of green technology, has launched a new microwell plate cleaner called Purus by Grenova™. The microwell plate cleaner technology brings sustainable practices into the lab, mitigates supply chain constraints and reduces costs. Purus removes chemical and biological contaminants from 96 well plates. “Purus by Grenova is one more step forward for […]

A Powerful New Pipette Tip-Washing Workflow Solution Now in a Small Package

For years, TipLumis™ has offered labs around the world a HEPA-filtered, temperature-controlled, UV-sanitized storage cabinet solution for expediting the drying process within a clean environment. Now, TipLumis, which is one of Grenova’s most popular product offerings, is available in a smaller package. This September, Grenova will unveil the TipLumisMini™, a powerful pipette tip-washing workflow solution […]

Grenova Debuts the Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package: A Fully Integrated, Turnkey Solution

Grenova, the laboratory industry’s only patented technology capable of washing and reusing plastic consumables, has unveiled the Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package. The newest product offering by the leading green technology company provides a fully integrated, turnkey tip- washing solution that improves lab operations, speed, and impact while reducing waste. The Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package, powered […]

Grenova Hires Jeff Hrush as Chief Commercial Officer

reduce plastic waste

Expands Its Reach Around the World to Reduce Plastic Waste and Costs in the Life Sciences Industry Grenova announces Jeff Hrush as chief commercial officer as it expands operations to meet a dramatic increase in demand for pipette tip washers to reduce plastic waste. Hrush, as industry leader with 20 years of experience, will oversee […]