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Grenova Introduces Automated TipNovus (ATN) to Promote Sustainability at 2022 Lab Innovations Trade Exhibition

Grenova, the laboratory industry’s only patented technology for washing and reusing plastic consumables, will introduce the Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package at the 10th Lab Innovations Trade Exhibition in NEC, Birmingham. As one of the newest product offerings by the leading green technology company, ATN offers a fully integrated, turnkey tip-washing solution that improves lab sustainability, operations, and environmental impact by reducing plastic waste. The ATN Package, along with all of Grenova’s sustainability systems, is available immediately for purchase and implementation, with easy setup to quickly begin reducing laboratory waste. 

ATN integrates into a lab's current workflow for immediate environmental impact.

“Our entire product portfolio, including the new ATN Package, has been tested and implemented successfully in CLIA- and CAP-approved labs around the world as an effective way of making labs sustainable and environmentally friendly,” said Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova. “Compatible with most liquid handling and manual pipette tips out of the box, ATN is designed to easily and quickly integrate into a lab’s current workflow for immediate environmental impact.” 

Safavi will discuss the ATN Package, as well as Grenova’s entire line of lab sustainability solutions, during a Live Lab speaking session on November 2, 2022, at 2:30 pm at the Lab Innovations Trade Exhibition. The highly anticipated presentation, titled “Reduction of Plastic Waste Through the Use of Automated Pipette Tip Washing,” will offer practical and actionable ways that labs, which are serious about sustainability, can turn single-use plastic consumables into multi-use assets to make the life sciences industry more environmentally friendly. Safavi will discuss how Grenova’s products, like the ATN, are developed to help labs practice responsible science and to deliver on their promise to reduce plastic and biohazardous waste. 

Grenova has also been shortlisted as a finalist for the Lab Innovations Sustainable Product of the Year Award. The award is a result of Grenova’s positive environmental impact as a trusted partner of some of the largest labs around the world, including NIH, NCI, and the CDC. These labs report a dramatic reduction in plastic pipette tip consumption of over 90 percent, resulting in a decrease in plastic waste as well as significant cost savings. 

The Labs report a reduction in pipette tip consumption of over 90%.


Since its inception, over 1,201,932,254 pipette tips have been washed and reused with Grenova products. This has resulted in a reduction of 4,581 metric tons of carbon emission and 2,650,848 pounds of biohazard plastic waste. 

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