Labs who use Grenova devices reduce their consumable biohazard waste and cut costs up to 90% allowing for reinvestment in research & operations.


The Grenova Tip Carrier answers the question of where to store used tips after transfer:


The TipNovus™ Cart is used to create an independent and mobile station for the TipNovus™ systems. With a wash throughput of 12-40 racks/hr, and the capacity to store up to 45 clean racks for re-use, the custom tip washing stations are an ideal addition to your laboratory for unsurpassed cost savings.


In order to enable any tip racks compatible with the Grenova tip washers, Grenova provides external tip rack adapters for the tip racks that are not removable from their base or do not have open bottom base.
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GrenoClean+Plus and GrenoClean are proven cleaning solutions that are effective in removing contaminants from pipette tips, without carryover remaining on the tips after the wash, with no impact on the samples or future runs. GrenoClean and GrenoClean+Plus are safe for both the user and the environment.


LEAF™ software is an intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to program their own custom wash protocol for the TipNovus. LEAF software enables users to select the appropriate cleaning solutions, number of wash cycles, and sonication and UV sanitation features for the custom wash protocol on TipNovus™.


For an accurate wash, non-pressurized liquid is necessary. If in-house DI water is utilized, the Grenova self-regulating reservoir is an essential component, as it will depressurize the water as needed. This will eliminate the users need to constantly refill a DI water container.

Comprehensive Innovation

Our patented process and products are designed to work together as a comprehensive sustainability model. Additionally implementing a single product has been proven to deliver waste reduction and drive profitability. Our team can advise on a customized implementation strategy.

Every product we develop must meet two criteria: complete sustainability & provide a profitable impact on operations. HOW GRENOVA SOLUTIONS Reduce Pipette Tip Consumable Cost & Waste in Your Lab.