A Powerful New Pipette Tip-Washing Workflow Solution Now in a Small Package

For years, TipLumis™ has offered labs around the world a HEPA-filtered, temperature-controlled, UV-sanitized storage cabinet solution for expediting the drying process within a clean environment. Now, TipLumis, which is one of Grenova’s most popular product offerings, is available in a smaller package.

This September, Grenova will unveil the TipLumisMini™, a powerful pipette tip-washing workflow solution that fits into a small package and is capable of storing up to 15 racks of pipette tips at a time. The Mini leverages the same award-winning Grenova process that uses concentrated airflow through the tips along with an internal heating system. Like the larger TipLumis model, TipLumisMini is fully programmable and lab employees can easily adjust features such as dry cycle and temperature.

“Small but mighty, the TipLumisMini offers a convenient benchtop fit and is designed to be paired with the TipNovus line of instruments to create a seamless tip-washing workflow,” said Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova. “Grenova’s new TipLumis Mini provides labs with the ability to store clean pipette tips in a HEPA-filtered and UV-sanitized chamber mini until they are ready to be used.” 

TipLumisMini is designed to get cleaned tips back into use faster so that labs can further reduce waste and save money. 

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