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2022 Reflection: Looking Back and Looking Forward

With an impactful and transformative year coming to a close, the Grenova team is taking a moment to reflect on our journey and our shared progress we have achieved as a result of ongoing collaboration with our valued lab partners. Grenova’s story began in 2014. After working in the laboratory industry for years, Ali Safavi, founder and CEO of Grenova, realized that the industry would not be able to sustain itself indefinitely. Working as a lab engineer, Ali took notice of the sheer amount of plastic waste accumulating around him each day. He quickly saw that pipette tips were to blame for a sizable portion of the laboratory plastic waste created. At the time, there was no way to reuse pipette tips, and recycling these products was often costly. This linear model posed a problem for the future of not just the laboratory consumables market, but also for laboratories, research centers, and clinical testing centers that rely on these single-use plastic products. Confident in his mission, Ali developed Grenova and over the years since the organization has made it possible to wash and reuse plastic consumables in order to eliminate plastic waste and create resilient communities around the world. 

Our path forward has never been so clear and our team so determined.


Moving into the new year, our path forward has never been so clear and our team so determined to continue to revolutionize the use of plastic consumables in the life sciences industry. Together, we are reducing plastic waste, eliminating unnecessary costs, boosting lab efficiency,  and creating supply chain resilience.  Here’s what we have accomplished – together:  


  • Grenova’s green technology has been used to wash and reuse well over 1,201,932,255 pipette tips since our launch. 
  • Over 2,650,848 lbs. of biohazard plastic waste has been reduced.
  • As a result of our green technology, over 4,581 metric tons of carbon emissions have been reduced. 
  • Grenova has saved labs $84,135,258 as a result of our reuse technology. 
  • Grenova has over 15 issued patents with additional patents and new products in the pipeline. In the United States, Grenova has earned eight U.S. patents, with one pending. In addition, Grenova has seven international patents. 
  • All products have been tested, validated, and successfully utilized for the following assays and applications without carryover: PCR, qPCR, ELISA, MassSpec, Cell Culture, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and more. 
  • Labs of all types and sizes worldwide, including the NIH, NCI, and CDC, have successfully implemented Grenova’s instruments. 
  • Our award-winning portfolio of products continue to grow. Existing products include the TipNovus family of pipette tip-washing solutions for labs, such as the Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package, a fully integrated tip-washing solution; the TipLumis family of HEPA-filtered, temperature-controlled, UV-cleaned tip storage solutions; and GrenoClean, a proprietary and scientifically validated cleaning solution. We are proud to add Purus by Grenova, a novel microwell plate cleaner, to our suite of solutions in 2023. 
  • In addition to diagnostic labs, our products are now also used by research groups, academic institutions, agriculture groups, food manufacturers, and more. 
  • Over the past year, the world experienced an increased demand for plastic pipette tips due to the pandemic coupled with ongoing supply chain challenges. Because of these factors, many of the largest suppliers of pipette tips informed customers of a 30-35% cost increase. Grenova offered a solution by enabling proactive labs to quickly and easily reuse their plastic pipette tips and microwell plates instead of paying inflated prices at the whim of the market. 
  • Grenova put control back into the hands of labs by offering benchtop, automated washers that make it possible to wash and reuse plastic lab supplies multiple times in order to cut associated consumable costs by up to 96%. 
  • Grenova proved that the more plastic consumables reused, the greater savings a lab can produce. Grenova continued to increase profits for its partner labs by enabling labs to reuse their pipette tips and microwell plates.
  • Grenova earned ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certification as part of the company’s mission to make laboratories around the world sustainable, resilient, cost-effective, and highly efficient. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develops and publishes global quality standards for a wide range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare. The ISO 9001:2015 standard provides organizations like Grenova with guidelines for creating a comprehensive, process-based Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 13485:2016 establishes quality guidelines related to the highly regulated medical device industry. After a rigorous and valuable credentialing process, Grenova is proud to hold certifications in both of these ISO standards. Grenova is dedicated to continually improving upon its ISO-compliant QMS and consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to customers.
  • Grenova welcomed life sciences executive, Wayne Shepherd, as Global Vice President of Sales and we named Simon Taylor as our new UK & Ireland Sales Manager.
  • We delivered a special presentation at this year’s virtual Green Laboratory Work Conference titled “HOW PIPETTE TIP WASHERS ARE CREATING A GREEN FUTURE.” This highly anticipated presentation spotlighted how new technology is empowering labs around the world to wash and reuse plastic consumables in large quantities to reduce lab waste in the life sciences industry.  
  • We received the Startup of the Year award by Sales and Marketing Professionals in Science (SAMPS). 
  • Grenova received the 2022 Sustainable Product of the Year Award at the Lab Innovations Conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 
  • Our team of sustainability experts introduced the Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package at the 10th Lab Innovations Trade Exhibition in NEC, Birmingham. As one of the newest product offerings by the leading green technology company, ATN offers a fully integrated, turnkey tip-washing solution that improves lab sustainability, operations, and environmental impact by reducing plastic waste. 
  • We were shortlisted by SelectScience® as a finalist for its award honoring impact on sustainability and are currently awaiting news of the winning nominees. 

These are but a few of the many accomplishments we have achieved together. At Grenova we are proud to be a catalyst for industry change and we are honored that you have joined us on our journey.  Thank you for placing your trust in Grenova. We look forward to continuing our partnerships and celebrating the many exciting milestones ahead. 

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